On Defending God’s Reputation From Brain-Washed Idiots


The problem being addressed by this document is simple: Various claims are made about God and Acts of God that are not logically self-consistent, or, worse, contradict known facts. The claims need to be organized rationally, and the utter nonsense needs to be discarded. Because if the claims are all true, then the conclusion is ridiculous, that God must be irrational –but since hardly anyone dares to actually outright-declare such a thing, the only other conclusion is that the claims are flawed, and God is worthy of being described better than that!

I’ve decided to place this document in the Public Domain.  Feel free to send a copy to anyone you think deserves to see it.



In this document the word “preacher” is used in a generic not a particular sense. Anyone whose normal job it is to promote notions primarily derived from any Religion qualifies as a “preacher”. Please keep in mind that preachers, just like any other segment of humanity, come in all types, good, bad, sincere, insincere, etc. (Some fully qualify as the Bad Guys described in the title of this document.) What they generally have in common is a tradition of making certain claims, derived from the various Religions they promote. Their jobs are all about making those claims, regardless of what they might personally think about them. Today’s preachers should not be blamed for originating the faulty claims that this document will dissect; they should only be blamed for perpetuating nonsense in today’s world, when there are so many Known Facts that cannot be denied, and the preachers should not ignore.

And now for some Background Information, regarding God and Logic. First, note that Logic has a fairly close association with Mathematics. Next, consider the classic math equation “1+1=2”, and the classic logic statement “If A=B, and if B=C, then A=C”.

The most important thing about those examples is that they are about abstractions. The concepts of “1” and “2” are independent of their typical application in counting objects; the items referenced by “A” and “B” and “C” can be absolutely anything that are equal to each other.

So, consider the claim that God Created the Physical Universe. By definition, that Universe is not an abstraction, it is a “concrete” thing. We have to be very careful when applying numbers such as “1” and “2” to concrete things, when also talking about God….

For example, consider this statement: “1 apple + 1 apple = 1 apple”. For God, Destroying one of those two apples into Nothing, to make the statement true, would be no more of a problem than Creating a third! But what about the abstract equation “1+1=1”?

Abstractions can’t be distorted so easily as merely physical things! And so the abstract equation “1+1=1” is FALSE; it is always false, and not even God would try to make it into a true statement.

Since Logic has a relationship with Mathematics, it follows that when Logic is about abstractions, it can yield conclusions that are just as guaranteed-true or guaranteed-false as abstract math equations. And God is OK with that, as evidenced by an event described in the Bible.

The linked verses are about a Roman Centurion who approached Jesus and asked him about healing a servant. Here is some of what the Centurion is supposed to have said:

“I myself am a man under authority, with soldiers under me. I tell this one, ‘Go,’ and he goes; and that one, ‘Come,’ and he comes. I say to my servant, ‘Do this,’ and he does it.”

Now we interrupt the scene to bring you this Important Data Item: At that time-and-place in the overall Biblical Story of Jesus, there were plenty of opportunities for people to have learned that Jesus had what could be called “authority over healing”. And so the Centurion also said:

“…just say the word, and my servant will be healed.”

See the Logic? The Centurion merely took certain pieces of knowledge, about what he himself knew about “authority”, and what Jesus had demonstrated, to a Logical Conclusion.

And that Logical Conclusion was just as solid and valid as the Faith that Jesus described in those verses. Which means, if we accept this statement, then that means God is also completely comfortable with the power of Logic. That is, “If A=B and if B=C,” then even God will conclude that “A=C”.

This document is going to explore, in terms of Math and Logic and Scientific Fact, certain claims that various preachers are known to typically state. The claims were selected simply because it is easy to show that they are flawed, and that God is maligned thereby, and therefore those claims deserve to be corrected (or dropped).

In this document a “brain-washed idiot” (or BWI) typically refers to (A) someone who is indoctrinated with various things claimed to be true, regardless of whether or not the claims are actually true (that’s the “brain-washed” aspect), and (B) someone who never questions the claims (that’s the “idiot” aspect). They never think for a moment about what Facts and Logic might be relevant to, and disagreeing with, the claims they have swallowed. On the other hand, relatively few people voluntarily choose to become BWIs.

The ordinary meaning of “brain-washed” refers to using various forceful means to change the foundational mental precepts of people –usually to something worse than before. (There is a different label –“deprogramming“– that is typically used when the goal is to change some foundational mental precepts for the better.) Children, however, start out as “blank slates”; their foundational mental precepts could in theory be set to anything, whether good or bad. And if it is bad, then what is the difference in terms of consequences between that and ordinary brain-washing? None!

The Bible (Proverbs 22:6) clearly explains that indoctrination from birth is a desirable thing for the Religious-minded. If the preachers can train children to tithe regularly, the preachers are almost assured a steady income for the lifetimes of those children. And if the preachers can train children to accept their Authority unquestioningly, then those children can one day become, for example, suicide bombers, just because they are told it is OK. And some of those children, of course, eventually become preachers themselves, passing their unquestioned foundational mental precepts on to the next generation, regardless of whether those precepts are good or bad….

One problem that is ignored, simply because those precepts are unquestioned, is the simple fact that all of the most ancient Religions originally started out being spread by word-of-mouth –and it is very well known how oral stories can be distorted and exaggerated, before finally getting written down. What this means is that the words that were written down can’t be trusted to be identical to the centuries-older original oral versions of the stories. As mentioned, though, BWIs don’t question what they are told, which is the written-down version!

In the United States of America, there are two key freedoms that sometimes clash. There is “freedom of speech” –which has limits, since no one is free to shout “Fire!” in a crowded theatre, when there actually is no fire. And there is “freedom of Religion” –which also has limits, though the limits are less obvious. For example, Religions once claimed that the Earth was at the Center of Creation, but they don’t make that claim any more.

Basically, any Religion that makes claims that can be proved false is a Religion that will lose customers. They can only survive by making claims about things that can’t be proved false! That fact is particularly relevant to this document, because quite a few Religious claims involve the physical world, and Modern Science is quite thoroughly proving a great many things about the physical world. Some of those facts, like the one about the Earth not being at the Center of Creation, directly contradict certain classic Religious claims. BWIs, of course, are idiotically opposing the provable facts. But they can’t help themselves, since their brains have been saturated with untrue claims … including the claim that the other claims shouldn’t be questioned!

Which is why this document needed to be written. If some preacher claims that God Created the first woman from the rib-bone of a man, and Science shows that the default sex for humanity is female, then we can only conclude that the preacher is violating the Ninth Commandment, and bearing False Witness about what God actually did! (Also, do note that one of the standard claims about God involves “omnipresence”. That means God is as much a “neighbor”, per the exact wording used in the Ninth Commandment, as any ordinary human….)

Well, it should be obvious that God doesn’t need anyone supposedly “promoting” God to do it badly!


Section One

So, let us begin with some fundamental claims about God, the ones most widely accepted across many Religions.
(1) God is Eternal.
(2) God is All-Powerful.
(3) God is All-Knowing.
That’s enough –even more than enough, since the third one can be Mathematically Proved to be false –and that is a GOOD thing!

The Proof of Incompleteness, combined with the concept of “transfinity“, basically reveals that no matter how much you know, even if you know an infinite amount, it is possible to ask questions that cannot be answered within that set of data. You must learn more stuff, to answer those questions. And when you do learn more, you can now ask new questions that can’t be answered without learning still-more….

It means that even God will never, ever run out of things to learn! Eternity doesn’t have to be Endlessly Boring! Go ahead, imagine God Knowing Absolutely Everything (
omniscient“) AND Existing Eternally. It logically follows that God will never, ever, for all Eternity, encounter anything New…. There is considerable data that entities having low intelligence are able to avoid being bored, but God is never described as being such an entity. Now do you see why the Mathematical Impossibility of Knowing Everything is Actually a Good Thing? (There is more, related to that, to be presented later.)

Next, consider the fact that, to the best of our knowledge, the Physical Universe is a very large finite object. It is fundamentally limited in extent –so it is impossible for there to be an infinite amount of data associated with it. That is, any finite thing can only be associated with a finite quantity of information about it (such as a finite number of atoms in a finite arrangement), not an infinite quantity of information about that finite thing.

Thus it would suffice for Religions to claim that God knows everything there is to know about the Physical Universe and souls (a lesser meaning of “All-Knowing”), instead of more generically (and wrongly!) claiming that God knows absolutely everything about everything. Because God doesn’t need to know everything about everything to be the Ruler of the finite/limited Physical Universe….

Now it is time to look at item (2) a little more closely. Some would go farther than what was written there, and claim that God is “Infinitely” Powerful, not just “All” Powerful. The difference is actually quite important.

First, if observations about the Physical Universe continue to support the conclusion that it is merely finite in extent, then God doesn’t actually need to possess Infinite Power to be more powerful than the Physical Universe. The phrase “All-Powerful” could suffice quite nicely.

Second, if God actually has Infinite Power, then the entirety of the Physical Universe (including the parts we can’t see because they are beyond the red-shift limit-of-visibility, farther away than about fourteen billion light-years), is equivalent to pure Nothingness, when compared to that Power.

That’s because Infinity has some special properties that most people don’t properly appreciate. When you subtract any finite thing from Infinity, you still have Infinity left over. You can even subtract Infinity from Infinity (example, subtract the infinite set of odd numbers from the infinite set of integers), and still have Infinity (the even integers) left over. More, you can even subtract an infinite number of finite things (such as consecutive groups of five positive integers) from Infinity, and still have Infinity (all the negative integers) left over.

Which means the limited/finite Physical Universe, large as it is, ranks as nothing when compared to Infinity.

Per Freedom of Religion, it is perfectly allowed for preachers to claim that God is either All-Powerful or Infinitely Powerful, as they choose, because neither claim can be proved. However, to be properly believe-able, all the claims that preachers make need to be consistent with each other!

Specifically, consider an initial claim that God is infinitely powerful –and follow that with the typical claims regarding the Act of Creating the Universe.

The Bible makes a pretty big deal of the Creation of the Universe. Six “days” of Effort are described, followed by Rest, no less. Except that if God is Infinitely Powerful, the amount of effort actually needed to Create the observed finite Universe is utterly trivial and non-noteworthy, compared to that Power!!!

Creating the Earth, ditto –trivial and non-noteworthy. Creating Life: the same. Creating humanity: trivial again, when compared to Infinite Power! Why, the Vogons could have utterly destroyed the Earth just last week, and God could have re-Created it so perfectly and so instantly that nobody, not even the Vogons, could tell that its destruction had happened! Because when compared to Infinite Power, all finite tasks (like this one, including dealing with Angular Momentum “problems”) really are utterly trivial and non-noteworthy.

In other words, a preacher would be belittling God’s Infinite Power to claim that six periods of significant effort were required to Create the finite Physical Universe. That qualifies as violating the Ninth Commandment, bearing False Witness against God.

Now consider the two claims made in opposite order. That is, first it is claimed that God Created the Universe in six periods of effort, perfectly appropriate for a non-infinite yet All-Powerful God –and then it is claimed that God is Infinitely Powerful. In this case God’s Power is being exaggerated, which again is a violation of the Ninth Commandment!

Make no mistake: an All-Powerful God, able to Create the Observable Physical Universe, could be perfectly capable of disintegrating the Earth in a flash, and that Power should be fully recognized and respected. But there just isn’t any good reason to claim that God is Infinitely Powerful if the consequences are a mathematically inconsistent set of preachings!

So, preachers, take your pick: You can claim that God is Infinitely Powerful, but then you have to throw out the notion that Creation took six rounds of effort, or you can keep the old story (however distorted from the original it may be), but throw out the notion that God is Infinitely Powerful. You can’t have both without violating the Ninth Commandment!

Next, what about item (1), that God is Eternal? Believe it or not, Science has no fundamental objection to such a claim! There is one thing that might be interpreted as an objection, and that is the Law of Conservation of Energy. Basically, an Eternal and Creative God is mathematically equivalent to the impossible thing known as a “Perpetual Motion Machine of the First Class“….

However! There is a loophole in that conundrum! The Law of Conservation of Energy is an aspect of the Physical Universe. Logically, if God existed before the Universe, and Created it, then the manner of God’s existence can easily be unrelated to the concept of Energy Conservation. Which means, as previously stated, that Science has no objection to the notion of an Eternal God.


Section Two

Moving on, but in a sense also touching back upon something previously mentioned, it is known that many humans have big egos, which tend to cause humans to think that events involving them are non-trivial and very noteworthy, regardless of the Objective Truth of the matter. The Physical Universe, of course, doesn’t care one whit if a huge meteor slams into the Earth and makes humanity as extinct as the giant dinosaurs; the Physical Universe as a whole got along with itself just fine for billions of years before humanity began to exist, and is perfectly able to continue just fine for more billions of years without us.

Oops, sorry, the dry facts have to be interrupted to deal with some Brain-Washed Idiocy. There are those who claim that the Creation of the Universe happened only a few thousand years ago, not billions of years ago, and they have been very resistant to contrary facts.

But what about logic and the Ninth Commandment?

The speed of light is an accurately-known quantity. The Andromeda Galaxy is an object that is visible to the naked eye and located more than two million light-years away. That means light needs more than two million years to get from there to here, for us to be able to see it.

So, if the Universe was Created only a few thousand years ago, we would not be able to see the Andromeda Galaxy (or even the center of our own galaxy, 25,000+ light-years away), because there wouldn’t have been time for light to travel the distance from there to here, since Creation happened.

Now, obviously it is possible for an All-Powerful God to Create the Illusion that the Universe is old enough for light to have traveled for millions or even billions of years to reach Earth from various places.

However! An Illusion is a type of Lie! And God is not supposed to be a Liar!

Which logically means that BWIs can only continue to believe that the Universe is young if they also believe that God is a Liar!

While it might be entertaining to now imagine the mental contortions those BWIs will go through to try to hold onto their illogical idiocy, denying facts and bearing False Witness against God in violation of the Ninth Commandment, there are plenty more places where preachers have stupidly made Pronouncements regarding the Physical Universe –stupidly because they set themselves up to be proved either wrong or irrational –and which Modern Science has indeed since proved them to be wrong or irrational. So let us move on to the next faulty claim.


Section Three

Once upon a time Religions claimed that God directly controlled practically all everyday events, including, for example, lightning bolts. Then the lightning rod was invented, and it became possible for a mere piece of metal to deflect “God’s wrath“. OR the Religions had to admit they were wrong, and that lightning was a perfectly Natural/Physical phenomenon, not needing in the slightest to be associated with God’s Actions.

Religions lost a great many customers while opposing the Provable Truth about lightning rods, and while Science showed that more and more things didn’t need God in order to happen. In recent years, however, the old old claims, about God directly controlling everyday events, seem to be making a comeback –but Religions have been very careful to exclude any mention of how the lightning rod proved them to be wrong. Tsk, tsk!

An earlier part of this document, which discussed Infinite Power, prepared the way for this part. For an Infinitely Powerful God, it would be utterly trivial to directly control all everyday events –and if God wanted to use lightning to zap a building “protected” by a lightning rod, you can bet anything you like that that building would be toast! Even a merely All-Powerful God would be able to use lightning to toast that building! Yet no buildings, properly protected by lightning rods in accordance with purely Physical Laws, have ever been toasted that way!

Obvious conclusion: God doesn’t actually bother to control all everyday events. Supporting evidence:
Lightning on Venus
Lightning on Mars
Lightning on Jupiter
Lightning on Saturn
Lightning on Uranus
Lightning on Neptune
Lightning on the Sun

Basically, the evidence suggests that every place in the Universe that has an atmosphere (every star and most planets) probably also has lightning. Even a place as cold and low-energy as Saturn’s moon Titan is expected to be a place where lightning happens occasionally.

Other evidence suggests that planets are extremely common, and it is known that in just the Observable Portion of the Physical Universe, there are hundreds of billions of galaxies.

When it is known that lightning can be a perfect Natural result of perfectly ordinary purely Physical events, at small scales as well as large, then there is no need to claim that God is working behind the scenes to make lightning happen. Instead, Science has a very simple alternative: The Law of Cause and Effect.

So, add up the data: The original claims about God (or any other god, including non-Christian gods such as Zeus), wielding lightning, were about impressing people with God’s Power. But there is no reason to think that most stars and planets are inhabited by beings intelligent enough to be impressed that way –so why would even an Infinitely Powerful God need to be associated with causing lightning to happen in septillions of other atmospheres, of uninhabited spheres all across the Universe, for zero psychological effect?

Conclusion: Any preacher claiming that God is doing mindless drudgery, like creating lightning bolts all across the Universe, when the Physical Laws of God’s Own Creation make it easy for such things to happen automatically, without God lifting so much as even a metaphorical finger –that preacher is essentially saying that God is an ignoramus Who doesn’t understand how the Created Universe works(!), and so that preacher is violating the Ninth Commandment, bearing False Witness against God.


Nothing in the preceding should be taken to mean that God, exerting a negligible bit of Power, never controls this or that aspect of the Physical Universe. There are plenty of doctors, for example, who are convinced that God does indeed influence certain events on occasion.

The preceding basically shows that God doesn’t need to be controlling every micro-event in the Universe. Because, thanks to the Law of Cause and Effect, that is how the Universe was Created to work! God may choose to tweak this or that thing occasionally, but for the most part, God’s Original Handiwork is in fine automatic working order, and needs no Operator.


Section Four

Which leads us toward the next large item of Brain-Washed Idiocy: opposition to the Theory of Evolution. But let us take a roundabout way of getting there, because Science’s version of the Creation Story needs some examination, and it is relevant.

A great deal of Modern Scientific Evidence points toward the conclusion that Creation started with a Big Bang. Logically, such a finite origin, that happened a finite amount of time ago, leads to the conclusion that the Entire Physical Universe is also a finite thing.

It is also logical that the instantaneouty of the start of the Big Bang can easily be associated with an Infinitely Powerful God. That is, compared to Infinite Power, the merely finite Big Bang Event began in an instant and required equivalent-to-zero effort. So Science, not the Bible, gives Religion a good logical self-consistent reason to promote the notion that God is Infinitely Powerful!

And with God being All-Knowing about the Physical Universe, especially the Law of Cause and Effect, God KNEW what would happen next, and what would happen after that, and so on….

At least in a general/statistical way, that is. Here is where we revisit the notion that if God Knows Absolutely Everything, then Everything Eventually Is Boring. And one of the Foundational Features of the Physical Universe is the Totally Pure Randomness of Quantum Mechanics.

In essence, this makes Fundamentally Unpredictable many Precise Details of what events can happen throughout the Physical Universe. And Unpredictable Equals Non-Boring!

However, don’t confuse “predictability” with “statistical forecasting”. The exact details of how a particular atom will interact a million years from now may be Unpredictable, but, statistically, its interactions will probably fall within a certain group of events. And some events, generically speaking, ignoring any worry about exactly which particles get involved, are far more probable than others, simply because the Big Bang resulted in a huge Universe full of interacting atoms. Thus:

The Big Bang yielded vast clouds of hydrogen and helium gas.

Gravity condensed most of those clouds into galaxies full of stars. So God didn’t have to directly Create the stars in the heavens; God Knew it was just a simple, inevitable, logical consequence of the Law of Cause and Effect –that fundamental/built-in aspect of the Physical Universe.

Stars perform nuclear fusion, making chemical elements heavier than hydrogen and helium (up to iron).

Heavy stars use up their hydrogen-fusion fuel faster than small stars, and they also explode.

When a star explodes, all the chemical elements heavier than iron get made during the explosion. And vast quantities of those materials are blasted outward in many directions. The original gas clouds, not all of which had condensed into stars, now get seeded with dust –elements other than hydrogen and helium. (Search the linked page for “From the remains”.)

The explosions of stars also yield shock-waves that can encourage other/nearby clouds of gas and dust to begin condensing into more stars. These are known as “second generation” stars, and, because of that dust, they will tend to have some solid planets (not just condensed-gas-ball planets). Some of those second-generation stars will also be big and short-lived and explode, adding even more dust to any nearby gas clouds.

Based on the amount of dust associated with our Solar System, astronomers think that the Sun is either a late-second-generation or an early-third-generation star. And it is because God Knew such events were going to happen, per the Law of Cause and Effect, that God didn’t need to do anything special to Create star-systems like the one our Sun illuminates.

One of the things to keep in mind, regarding the preceding, is that all the evidence indicates that the Physical Universe was making stars-that-explode for more than eight billion years, before the Earth’s Solar System formed. This means that God has been in no hurry whatsoever, waiting for that to happen (from Knowing the statistical probability that, some time after the Big Bang, an Earth-like planet would begin to exist).

That could be evidence either for tremendous Patience on God’s part, or it could be evidence that God is able to time-travel past all the boring parts of the Evolution of the Universe, or it could mean that whatever God experiences that resembles “Time” is totally unrelated to the Time that the Physical Universe experiences.

Preachers and various philosophers have been known to talk about at least two of those three possibilities (among others). None can be proved, so all are suitable things for Religions to make claims about.

With respect to the Earth, the next stage of the Creation story involves the oceans, but that, too, is simple Cause-and-Effect stuff, which God Knew was going to happen anyway.

Now we come to one of the Big Arguments. Was Life Created, or was it another inevitable consequence of the Law of Cause and Effect? At this writing the best possible Answer may be, “Only God knows for sure!” But IF the Physical Universe possesses properties such that abiogenesis can happen, then God would have known all about it all along, and needn’t have done anything more than wait for it to happen –exactly like God waited for the Earth to form. Meanwhile, Science marches on, and if abiogenesis can happen, one day it will be proved. Which means that Religions should tread warily around the topic, lest they be revealed yet again as violating the Ninth Commandment, bearing False Witness against God’s Knowledge-As-Power….

Next up are a couple of facts that once again show that God was in no hurry. The first living cells apparently began to exist on Earth about 3.7 billion years ago. However it happened, they were accompanied by viruses.

Thus, from the very beginning of Life on Earth, there was a biological arms race between single-celled organisms that wanted to reproduce, and viruses that wanted to hijack those cells, in order to reproduce. And we not only know very well (A) how viruses can evolve to defeat various suppressant chemicals, we also know very well (B) how single-celled organisms can also evolve to defeat various interferant chemicals.

So, what can be expected when bacterial cells devise new biological chemicals to suppress viral infection, and viruses adapt to find other ways to interfere with normal bacterial activity –and this goes on for millions upon millions of years???

One of the things that happened was that some cells started to try cooperation and specialization.

It seems possible that one of the first things to come out of that strategy was the origin of sexual reproduction. Obviously cooperation is required for one single-celled organism to accept a DNA injection from another –especially when all those single-celled organisms just spent multi-multi-megayears evolving defenses against viral injections!–but since these organisms were actually doing both the injecting and the receiving, it was a fair deal.

It was also a very efficient way for organisms to try out new gene combinations. And new gene combinations lead to new abilities or other traits that can distinguish one species from another. The strategy was so successful that today most bacterial species seem willing to exchange genes with just about any other bacterial species.

Among the consequences was the formation of a new type of single-celled organism. The original cells were of a type called “prokaryotes”, and were basically very simple. The new type, in which the outer cell wall essentially contained more than one cell-body, are called “eukaryotes”.

Eukaryotes are generally considerably larger than prokaryotes, and size brings with it a very special advantage. If one spherical cell is twice the diameter as another, it has four times the surface area (vulnerable to viruses), but eight times the volume of internal resources for combating invading viruses. If this volume included cell-bodies that had merged and become specialized for fighting viruses, they could do that because other cell-bodies that had merged became specialized for, say, energy-production –and the overall cooperation experiment could be a success.

It only took about two billion years, after Life got started on Earth, for that to happen. God was in no hurry, not at all!

Eukaryotes were apparently also willing to cooperate with each other (as whole cells attached to each other), and this laid the foundation for later specialization of whole cells, rather than parts of cells.

Not long after that foundation was laid, a particular set of genes, known as the “homeobox” or “hox” genes, began to specifically control the biological sub-specializations of multicellular organisms.

One of those specializations, of course, was the polarization of sexuality. Those original hermaphroditic organisms, some of their descendants surviving today that both inject and receive genes, eventually had other offspring, possibly genetic failures as hermaphrodites, which could still participate in one or the other of the two sides of gene-transference.

And that also proved to be a successful reproductive strategy. Males that guarded females (that guarded offspring) in exchange for the opportunity to reproduce could have more surviving offspring than hermaphrodites that had to protect themselves and their offspring without help. And, of course, genes still got mixed, allowing mutations to eventually become new species (or die trying).

Recently it was discovered that perhaps a single gene –a single mutation– was the key to separating the first ancestor of modern humans from the rest of the primates.

Make no mistake: Evolution is very real, and God knows all about how it works, and what it is capable of accomplishing –and God has always known such things since the Big Bang; they are simply more logical consequence of the Law of Cause and Effect. By comparison, we humans are still learning, still filling in the details, of how Evolution works!

So, once again, to deny Evolution is one more way to violate the Ninth Commandment, and to bear False Witness against God’s Knowledge-as-Power….


Section Five

Now consider the logic that if human-class intelligence was Known-by-God to be an inevitable result of the Big Bang, then with the Physical Universe being as huge as it is, we should be confident that there are other human-class intelligences Out There Somewhere. Whether or not there are thousands per galaxy (Earth alone might have more than one right now!), or one per thousands of galaxies, on the average, doesn’t matter at all. Not with hundreds of billions of galaxies out there.

The important thing, with respect to Religions, is that the statistical odds are strongly against the notion that humanity is particularly special, in terms of us being intelligent beings. We can see hints of that right here on Earth, where the elephant is empathic enough for them to mourn their dead, the octopus is smart enough to figure out how to open a screw-top jar, the gorilla and certain birds appear to have enough brainpower for toddler-class communication skills, even without considering the mental capabilities of whales and dolphins at all.

So, if we ever meet intelligent extraterrestrial aliens with, say, tentacles instead of hands, who claim to have been made in God’s Image, it might be better to wonder about the exact meaning of the phrase “God’s Image”, than to let BWIs arbitrarily assume the aliens are wrong, and start an interstellar religious war over it! Indeed, consider the logic that if God Created the Physical Universe, then substances associated with the phrase “physical form” could not have existed while God was existing before the Creation Act. Then consider the Second Commandment, against graven images; it logically follows that God doesn’t have an Image that can be copied into physical form –while no one doubts that God is able to Imagine things! So how do you know that the phrase “God’s Image” isn’t short for “God’s Mental Image” –which could include a wide variety of physical forms for intelligent beings?

And for a completely different perspective about the preceding, there is the matter of “souls”. At this time Science can neither confirm nor deny, conclusively, the existence of souls. So, at the present time, they are still “fair game” about which preachers can make all sorts of claims.

But the claims still need to make logically consistent sense, and must not go up against known facts. For example, the most fundamental claim about souls is that they are a part of persons that can survive physical death, and can potentially survive eternally. If the claim is accepted, then again we have to think about Perpetual Motion Machines … and the most logical consequence is that a soul, just like God, cannot have any iota of physical existence in their essence.

It doesn’t take much to then contemplate the possibility that nonphysical souls, not physical bodies, might have something like God’s nonphysical form or “image”! So, it wouldn’t matter at all what sort of physical/extraterrestrial bodies with which souls are associated (they might even be advanced-enough robotic bodies). All souls would be generically equivalent to each other, and neither humans nor nonhumans should denigrate the other just because of Brain-Washed Idiocy about mere physical bodies, and violations of two Commandments regarding God and “God’s Image”.


Section Six

The next item that various preachers get wrong is the notion of a worldwide Flood within the last few thousand years. While it is certainly true that just about every spot of land on Earth has been underwater at some point in time, it is most definitely not true that all such spots managed to be underwater at the same time –not within the last half-billion years or so, anyway.

(For anyone interested, the Moon gradually orbits farther from the Earth, and a few hundred million years ago it was close enough to the Earth to cause tides a kilometer high to scour the continents twice a day –item #7 of the link– keeping them eroded flat in the process.)

Our world has not experienced any flooding on that scale since. The next strike against the Flood story is simply that it is a very old story, predating the invention of writing, so again the original oral version could have become distorted (exaggerated, certainly!), before finally getting written down.

Unexaggerated floods have certainly affected wide areas. The Black Sea, for example, was not originally connected to the Mediterranean, and had a quite-low water level. When the connection began to exist, all the low-lying land eventually became flooded, but slowly enough that many inhabitants of the region were probably able to escape (“at least three hundred days“).

Much more widespread than the Black Sea –and also slower– was the global rise in sea level as the last Ice Age ended. Coastal peoples had to seek higher ground, the world over. Note that that “higher ground” basically did not get flooded!

Another type of flood is a tsunami, and one possible cause, at least for Mesopotamia, was a meteor impact in the Persian Gulf.

Another tsunami happened in the Mediterranean Sea when the volcano known as Thera (or Santorini) exploded. It basically wiped out the Minoan civilization.

Finally, if you look at legends that are old enough to need serious amounts of evidence before they can be given Scientific Credibility, you can consider the sinking of the continent of Atlantis as a possible origin for the Biblical Flood story –and perhaps just another victim of the rising oceans at the end of the last Ice Age….

In the face of the facts, though, there are still BWIs out there insisting that the Flood story is literally true, and that the whole Earth was covered. But here is one little fact that they have all overlooked: Trees can drown, too! After 40 days and nights of being soaked in water, just about every green land plant on the surface of the Earth would have died, including these and these. There is no such global mass dying of plants in the relevant paleontological record! Nor is there a worldwide layer of silt holding the bones of drowned animals and humans, all those that supposedly didn’t voyage in Noah’s Ark.

For anyone who thinks that God may have “covered up” the evidence of a true worldwide Flood, for example by preventing many plants from drowning, why? There is no doubt that an All Powerful God could indeed do such a thing, but equally it is to be doubted that such a God needed to do any such thing! The majority of the Earth’s oxygen comes from marine plants, for example; a mere worldwide Flood wouldn’t hurt them much at all. Basically, to claim God hid the evidence of such a Flood is to bear False Witness against God’s character; only bad guys need to hide the evidence of their actions!

Finally, consider ancient India. The Biblical peoples of Noah’s time may only have heard discount-able tales of the place, but it certainly existed then, and was not destroyed in a “world wide” Flood. Therefore, BWIs who promote the Flood story are violating the Ninth Commandment about what God actually did –which may have been little more than warn Noah. The Law of Cause and Effect suffices to explain all the floods described above, but BWIs have swallowed an exaggerated story that blames God. Tsk, tsk!


Section Seven

At the time this document was being written, the topic of homosexuality was a bit more in the news than normal. It is well known that different Religions have differing views on the subject. Here we will gradually work toward dealing with the Brain-Washed Idiocy about the topic.

Basically, those who most dislike homosexuality tend also to be the same BWIs who think Creation took six periods of effort by an Infinitely Powerful God. They completely ignore the fact that the Bible was written partly to create a government of the People by the preachers and for the preachers.

Preachers, being human, desired money and power like most other humans. And “power corrupts“. By the time of Jesus, preachers were so corrupt that the wealth they had stashed away eventually became part of two separate fortunes, one of which paid for the Coliseum in Rome, and the other associated with the Knights Templar during the Crusades.

The new preachers of Christianity proved, in the long run, to be little different from the preachers of the Temple of Solomon, which Jesus had reviled.

Muhammad came along fairly early in the process of the Christian Church corrupting itself. It is possible, that, being a holy man, he recognized the early signs, and that could have been an important reason for starting Religious traditions that were different from those of Christianity.

Today, however, many Muslim preachers are just as corrupt as were their predecessors in other sects.

Meanwhile, Western Civilization gradually learned a lesson, and thus invented the concept of “separation of Church and State“. There have been almost no Religion-caused wars in the West since, although that hasn’t stopped power-hungry preachers from seeking political office, or trying to influence the Law other ways.

Getting back to the early days, there was the fact that 50% or more of all children born tended to die by age two. No culture can survive unless there are so many births that such losses can be tolerated.

Logically, that means for preachers to increase their power, they needed to encourage as high a birth rate as possible. A side-effect was that as the population grew, the preachers could send armies forth to conquer neighboring territories, occupied by folks who weren’t paying tithes to the preachers. (Naturally, just like after any other war, the battle losses had to be replaced, too.)

And therefore the preachers endlessly denounced every single sex-related practice that might reduce the chance of more babies getting born, including “early withdrawal“, masturbation, prophylactics, and, of course, homosexuality.

Naturally the preachers presented their views less crassly than just described, but the net effect was basically what fanatic control-freaks have sought for millennia: to encourage more tithers and future Holy Warriors to be born, whether formally a Religion or not.

It is well known that God did not actually sit down somewhere and write the Bible. Humans wrote it, claiming to have been Inspired by God to write what they wrote. It is remarkable how such a claim can cover a multitude of sins. For example, if Sodom and Gomorrah happened to be destroyed in a perfectly Natural earthquake, the preachers could claim that their peoples were wicked and they deserved it –so obey us to keep it from happening to you! (Nowadays, of course, we –except for BWIs– know better than to generically blame God for earthquakes.) If Onan happened to have a brain-stroke or a heart-attack in the middle of sex, and interrupted the activity by falling down dying, the preachers merely needed to re-order the sequence of events to gain more power over the People, claiming he interrupted the sex act first, and was punished for it. With such increased power over the People at stake, is it any wonder at all that the preachers who wrote the Torah, the Old Testament, took the opportunity to put in God’s mouth –regardless of God’s actual opinion– denouncements of all non-reproductive sexual activities?

How much of the Bible is actually a violation of the Ninth Commandment, False Witness, for the benefit of the preachers, instead of what God really wanted written down? Remember, the New Testament of the Bible was assembled by preachers basically voting on which books to include, and which to exclude!

The Qur’an is likely little better. According to the traditional story, Muhammad would go into a kind of trance and say things that his followers were supposed write down, and thereby the text of the Qur’an began and grew. But Muhammad didn’t know what he said while entranced, and could only trust that his followers hadn’t deliberately twisted those words for their own gain.

There is some evidence that the Qur’an is indeed so twisted. One of the main claims made (actually a kind of political stroke of genius, to encourage religious conversions) is that Muhammad was God’s Last Messenger To Man. Unfortunately for that claim, more than one other have done significant God-promoting work in more recent times. So, since the evidence indicates those who wrote down the Qur’an violated the Ninth Commandment about that “God’s Last Messenger” claim, then what else did they distort?

They certainly don’t want you to know, or even think about it. They want you to idiotically swallow their claims without questioning them –thereby turning you into just another BWI.

So, overall, the preceding paragraphs suggest that Religions that denounce homosexuality do so simply for self-serving reasons, and not because God actually has a negative opinion on the subject. Indeed, if one takes certain Religious claims at face value, it soon becomes obvious that the BWIs behind those claims haven’t actually “thought them through”.

To see that in more detail, let’s start with (and temporarily accept) the claim that God Created humanity. It is well known that some percentage of humanity prefers homosexuality over heterosexuality, but the exact percentage isn’t so well known. For the purposes of this description, the exact percentage doesn’t matter much, because no matter what it is, the additional claim that God is All-Knowing about the Physical Universe logically means that God Knew all about that percentage at the time humanity was Created.

The preceding might immediately lead to some Debate regarding the notion that homosexuals began to exist sometime after the Creation of humanity, via some unGodly Cause. However, there are significant facts against such a notion. The primary such fact is the total inability of any culture, ever, to eradicate homosexuality from its population. Logically, after all, if God was against homosexuality, then it should have been possible for at least one culture to eliminate it.

That strongly indicates that there is a recessive genetic component that can hide among ordinary heterosexuals who would not be weeded out, during even the most vitriolic purgings of homosexuals –and when those relevant recessive genes get together, a smallish percentage of homosexuals in the population returns, and stays fairly constant. And God, of course, would still know all about it!

Here’s another gene-based argument. Consider the fact that the testicles of a normal human male manufacture sperm constantly, as a component of another substance called “semen”. It is physically impossible for semen to accumulate endlessly; the body must expel it at intervals, much like the biological necessity for any healthy human body to expel ordinary solid and/or liquid wastes at intervals.

The testicles also manufacture the hormone “testosterone”, which has been solidly linked to male aggressiveness. Also, it happens that semen contains a small concentration of testosterone –which, when coupled with the concept from Chemistry known as “precipitation equilibria”, logically means that when semen is expelled from a male body, his testosterone level is able to decline a bit, for a time (until the testicles make more, of course).

It also logically follows that testosterone-influenced aggression can have an actual goal of semen-expulsion. And, according to Religion, the “proper” way for a healthy adult man to deal with normal semen production is to engage in sexual intercourse with a woman. Not even perfectly Natural “nocturnal emissions” were acceptable to those Religions! And so, in very ancient times it was normal for mate-pairings to be arranged almost as soon as puberty caused sexual maturity to happen –often about age fourteen or fifteen for both sexes. While that is not particularly acceptable in most of today’s cultures, it did have the advantage of giving those youthful males a way of relieving their biological pressures before they metaphorically exploded.

Nevertheless, even in caveman days there would have been plenty of occasions where groups of men were out hunting for days or weeks at a time. How were they supposed to deal with testosterone-influenced aggression and the biological goal of semen-expulsion? Perhaps the same way as is common in prisons, among men who would much prefer heterosex, but which is simply not available?

That “hidden gene” aspect for homosexuality, previously mentioned, doesn’t actually have to be hidden all the time. After all, there is another portion of the population that calls itself “bisexual”, able to participate with equal fervor in either heterosexual or homosexual activities. Historically, all they had to do was restrict their activities to the heterosexual, whenever purgings of homosexuals occurred.

Genetics allows for a range of intensities of almost any trait. If the trait is homosexuality, the range extends from the “fully so” to the somewhat bisexual to the fully bisexual to the mostly heterosexual to the fully heterosexual. The genes related to full homosexuality don’t have to come from homosexual parents! And that is why those genes can’t be stomped out of the population, no matter how much the BWIs of some Religion might desire it.

The more evidence that surfaces, indicating that homosexuality is associated with genetics, the more it logically follows that homosexuality is just one aspect of the wide variety of ways that various humans are able to be different from each other, all of which were Known to God when humanity was Created….

The various Religions that today tolerate homosexuals do so because tolerance for everyone is recommended in the Bible. BWIs, of course, have been indoctrinated with a different viewpoint, through a violation of the Ninth Commandment, a bearing of False Witness about God and the Creation of humanity, originally and most simply by greedy preachers, but today by preachers who themselves qualify as being unquestioning BWIs.

Earlier in this Section was, for the purpose of pursuing the associated logic, a temporary acceptance of the claim that God Created humanity. The Scientific Evidence, of course, is that humanity actually evolved into existence, and was not specially Created. This means that if homosexuality has a genetic component, evidence of it should be discoverable in other species. Such evidence would mean that BWIs violate the Ninth Commandment a different way, bearing False Witness against God’s Plan (as Known from the Big Bang) for Nature, whenever they claim that homosexuality is “unnatural”.

For a completely different way of looking at the Scientific Evidence, recall that in Section Four of this document it was mentioned that when sexuality first evolved, the organisms swapping genetic material were classed as “hermaphrodites”. So, think about that in the current context for a minute! When hermaphrodites of the same species engage in sex, are they acting homosexually, heterosexually, or bisexually? Of the three terms, probably the least applicable is “heterosexually”, since both participating organisms are the same in possessing both sexes. It logically follows that a gene-based “preference for one’s own kind” could benefit that species (and only BWI’s would dare violate the Ninth Commandment, bearing False Witness against God’s Plan, and call this “unnatural” for hermaphrodites, even though it is the essence of homosexuality). So, such a genetic preference could well have existed even before mutations caused the sexes to separate into distinct (“Viva la difference!“) organisms. And while that genetic preference has dwindled over the multi-megayears, it hasn’t vanished, almost certainly because it has frequently been useful in various extreme situations, as previously described.

Finally, perhaps it should be pointed out to those BWIs that Western Civilization would not exist with its democratic freedoms today if it hadn’t been for homosexuals. If that same Western Civilization has had God’s favor, then aren’t BWIs violating the Ninth Commandment yet another way, essentially claiming that God made a mistake in allowing ancient Greece to flourish, instead of becoming conquered and enslaved by the homophobic Persians?


Section Eight

Enough of that. The last part of this document will focus on how Brain-Washed Idiocy injects utter nonsense into another topic altogether, usually known as “The Abortion Debate”. Because that Debate has been running for a long time, it is difficult to present arguments that have not already been worked to exhaustion, or which, when presented, might be subjected to claims of plagiarism. So, here certain aspects of the arguments will be borrowed from a freely-offered source –but since the goal here is somewhat different from the goal there, the plagiarism might be kept to a minimum.

We start by recalling something mentioned earlier about souls, that if they are immune to Physical death and able to exist Eternally, then just like God they cannot have ordinary Physical substances in their essence.

So, how might a soul begin to exist? BWIs apparently think that when it happens is the moment of conception, but that is not an answer to how it happens. Rationally, there are only two paths to consider. Either it happens as an undetectable-by-Science side-effect of the biochemical reactions occurring during the egg-fertilization process, or God specifically Creates a soul.

The first of those paths has a problem, though, because of the earlier conclusion that souls cannot exist in a Physical way if they are to survive Eternally. Anything that can begin to exist as a result of some purely Physical process can be destroyed by some other merely Physical process.

The second path, that God Creates a soul when a conception happens, has several problems. First, Religions haven’t always preached that particular belief. If a goal of this document is to show how idiocy should be replaced with logical sense and self-consistency, then any Religion that has changed its tune on this subject should be suspected of human not Godly motives. Especially when it is so obvious that greedy preachers directly benefit from opposing abortion, by causing more future tithers to be born, just as was previously described regarding their benefitting from opposing other forms of birth control.

Related to the preceding is one aspect of the overall Abortion Debate, the Question, “When does life begin?“. The relationship stems from the centuries-older conclusion that a fetus could be considered alive when it began to “kick”. Science, however, discovered living cells, and then found out how cells have been existing semi-continuously for billions of years, sometimes singly (sperm and egg are living cells with limited functionality and short lifespans), and sometimes in massive cooperation.

The reason that Question is about Life can be traced to the ancient historical concept that living things were somehow fundamentally different from non-living things (“vitalism”). And so it could be claimed that there was such a thing as a “life force”, and that the soul was its essence.

However, in 1828 Chemistry proved that vitalism was a flawed notion, and no experiment since has provided any reason to think that living biochemistry-in-action is anything more than complicated Chemistry-in-action.

Therefore, nowadays only BWIs believe in vitalism; living organisms such as bacteria do not require souls in order to survive. And this includes just-fertilized eggs! Which means there is absolutely no need for God to create a soul when conception happens, no more so than when a bacterium mutates while it fissions.

Which conclusion continues to be consistent with other things pointed out in this document, that the Law of Cause and Effect is in charge of dealing with all the dinky mundane day-to-day events of the Physical Universe, including the processes by which Life operates and reproduces. The Universe is such a perfect Creation that God needn’t do anything to keep even small parts of it running smoothly for many billions of years.

On the other hand, just because it isn’t necessary for God to create a soul when a human conception happens, that is not the same thing as a rationale for why God wouldn’t do it anyway. Such rationales, however, do exist, starting with something from the Bible.

Taken literally, it is possible to conclude from these linked verses that God Creates souls even before conception happens. First, however, note that that Biblical text can potentially be partly false, because the Law of Cause and Effect, associated with DNA (mostly via the homeobox), not God, fully explains how living organisms of many sorts (not just humans) grow and take form inside wombs –or inside eggs, even.

That Biblical error can obviously be chalked up to very ancient traditions, in which every single unexplained phenomenon, be it lightning or earthquake or even simply the wind, was blamed on “supernatural” events and powers, such as God. The only relevance that that error has, to this document, is the fact that various BWIs continue to claim the verses are entirely true, for all humans, even though the Measurable Repeatable Scientific Facts are utterly against them….

Except! This document fully acknowledges the possibility that God might occasionally do something to alter some otherwise-normal Cause-and-Effect outcome. The particular Biblical verses under discussion are very specific, part of a kind of conversation between God and just one human. Science has no data with which to conclude that that particular human was not formed in the womb by God, just as Science has no data with which to conclude that, say, Isaac wasn’t formed by God in Sarah’s womb (despite her advanced age), or that Jesus was not formed in the womb of Mary by God (thus enabling a Virgin Birth).

Nevertheless, the most relevant point is the sequence of those two Acts of Creation described in the earlier-linked Old Testament verses, one for the soul (first), and the other for the body in the womb (second and not simultaneously). Meanwhile, BWIs in the Abortion Debate, embracing vitalism, want you to believe that soul-creation, and implantation into a cell, happens simultaneously with conception –and thereby they are violating the Ninth Commandment, bearing False Witness against God’s description of events (at least for one human), per the Bible!

At this point it could be appropriate to review the claims regarding why humans are supposedly associated with souls. First, there are things that many ordinary people have experienced that, at least in the past, couldn’t be explained in terms of purely Natural phenomena. Nowadays, however, at least some of those things can be explained in terms of drug-induced (or otherly caused) hallucinations. That still leaves significant things unexplained; (telepathy cannot involve ordinary brain waves partly because they are so weak, and mostly because of the extra factor that is the Inverse-Square Law).

Besides the fundamental claim that souls are immortal, there is an additional claim that without souls, humans would be mere stimulus-response animals, mere biological machines that lack Free Will. That claim remains unproved, with some small amount of evidence tending to refute it. However, even if it was possible for a human to be soul-less and still have Free Will, that does not mean that a soul cannot also have Free Will –and as far as Religions are concerned, only the Free Will of the soul matters, since it is as immortal as the soul.

We can now perceive an interesting conundrum regarding the preceding. Let us pretend that souls do not exist, but that humans have Free Will anyway. This would mean that whenever a human dies, no matter at what age, no aspect of that human survives (and Religions would all be totally wrong). But it also makes human life more precious because it is so fleeting/temporary. This could be a more powerful anti-abortion argument than any based on Religion!

With Religions, since the focus is on souls, human bodies don’t matter quite so much. Bodies are merely vehicles in which souls can express themselves and interact with other souls, however clumsily, much the way computers are vehicles that let minds express themselves and interact with each other, however clumsily. Every soul that experiences emotional loss because a friend died can take comfort in the notion that souls can meet again Elsewhere; the loss is therefore only temporary. (Unlike the situation described in the previous paragraph, where all losses are permanent.)

Finally, with Religions, because God is also part of the equation, there are claims involving the concept known as “Judgment”. The Ten Commandments are specifications for “Good Behavior” for souls; and souls supposedly can suffer severe punishment for severe misbehavior. Regardless of whether the claim is true, it is known to be somewhat beneficial in encouraging humans to interact with each other a little more peacefully than they otherwise might, to the extent that many secular human laws try to copy that model.

Meanwhile, the Religious claims also have a flaw. Psychologists know that people tend to judge themselves more harshly than they judge others –so obviously God knows that, too! Therefore it logically follows that God very seldom needs to Officially Judge anyone; all God need do is insist that each soul judge itself honestly…and so right there is one more violation of the Ninth Commandment, of preachers bearing False Witness against God, simply because Religions made various unproved claims before all the relevant facts were in.

Getting back to soul-Creation, we reiterate that why God need not Create/implant souls at conception derives from some of the data and logic stated earlier, although it wasn’t stated as completely and concisely as this: Souls don’t need physical bodies in order to survive, and biological organisms don’t need souls in order to survive. There is therefore absolutely no reason why, just because a human (or equivalent) conception has occurred (or is about to occur), that God needs to immediately Create (or even pre-Create) and implant a soul for that fertilized egg.

Furthermore, God most certainly knows all about the statistics associated with conceptions and pregnancy —as many as 80% fail to survive, when all of pregnancy and the first days after birth are included, for perfectly Natural reasons (like fatally flawed DNA leading to, for example, anencephaly). Note that this fact is yet one more reason to think that the Law of Cause and Effect, not God, is in charge of forming most human bodies in the womb –why would (and how could) a perfect God make that many mistakes???

Furthermore, if BWIs want to claim that God is indeed making that many mistakes, plus Creating immortal souls to go with those doomed bodies, Knowing in advance that those souls would never get a chance to exercise Free Will, then perhaps it should now be clear just exactly how horribly those BWIs are besmirching God’s reputation.

So, is God a mindless automaton that Creates/implants souls regardless of how doomed so many of those just-conceived humans are, or does God exercise a bit of Judgment about that? The claims that BWIs make are –over and over again!– a violation of the Ninth Commandment, bearing False Witness against God.

Note that one more consequence of swallowing the nonsense spewed by BWIs is yet another conundrum. If all conceptions are associated with newly Created souls, and 80% of the Physical organisms Naturally die before or at birth, then what does God do with all those souls that never had a chance to exercise Free Will and earn Judgment? But that is not the actual conundrum. Some people believe that such souls might each be given another chance to be born –which can only be possible if conceptions occur that are not associated with brand-new-soul-Creations!

Logically, the conundrum continues, if in the future conceptions might occur that are not associated with brand-new-soul-Creations, then why can’t it be happening right now –or have always happened that way? “Just because the preachers say so!” is hardly a valid argument; those preachers can’t even prove that they themselves possess souls, much less prove that human bodies forming in the womb have them –or have ever had them.

The preceding can be extended, of course, from the topic of miscarriages and still-births to the topic of abortion. If God is All-Knowing about souls and the Physical Universe, then doesn’t God know, even before a conception occurs, the exact statistical probability regarding whether or not it will be aborted? Note that God is supposed to be Loving, among other traits. Is it rational for that Loving God to Create/implant a soul for a just-fertilized egg, when God can be very sure it will be aborted? And what about God’s Love for the woman? Would a Loving God or a Spiteful God Create/implant a soul when an egg is fertilized just so the woman can be condemned if she gets an abortion, even when God knows in advance just how probable it is, that she will do that? And so again do the claims of BWIs, those who oppose abortion, violate the Ninth Commandment, bearing False Witness against God!

Putting aside the logic derived from standard claims about God, there are also two very different Scientific Facts that lead to reasons why God would not Create/implant souls at conception. First is the phenomenon of “twinning” (for identical twins/triplets). It is known that this event doesn’t happen for at least three days after conception. So, if God Creates a soul for a fertilized egg, and then the egg yields triplets…. Now God presumably would know in advance whether or not twinning is going to happen. Is it rational to Create one soul at conception, and then come back days later to Create more souls for the extra available bodies –instead of Creating all three souls at once?

Let’s pursue some more of the logic of associated with that fact. If God Creates all three souls at once, then when conception happens, only one individual physical biological organism exists for a soul to occupy. The other two souls have to wait three or four days for the triplet-ing event to happen. That is obviously no hardship for the souls, since they don’t require physical bodies in order to survive. And if they exist in God’s Image, and experience Time the way God does, then three days –or even four millennia– might seem like an instant….

Well, then, what of the possibility that God could have Created quintillions of souls millions of years ago (God knows how many planets in the Universe are host to suitable life-forms, of course), and some are simply entering human (or other) bodies as the bodies become available? (The notion certainly doesn’t violate the sequence of events in that Jeremiah link!) In other words, there is no practical difference between God just creating two souls that can’t immediately be associated with the bodies of future intelligent beings, or quintillions of souls. Not to mention that the notion means God need not pay any attention at all to when human (or other) conceptions occur, because all those souls will be doing the watching!

One of the more interesting items associated with the preceding are “announcing dreams“. If they can be interpreted as one soul communicating with another, then the fact that such communications don’t normally happen after birth implies that the soul doing the announcing, in the dream, hasn’t yet anchored itself into a fetus, despite conception having occurred weeks earlier. So, exactly what is that soul announcing? How about a simple “DIBS!” –more to inform all those other watching souls than the mother?

Note that just because a soul might have made a claim for ownership of a developing fetus, that doesn’t mean the soul immediately takes up occupancy, any more than, say, staking a claim for a prospective gold mine means immediately starting to dig deeply at the site. There are other reasons why taking up immediate occupancy could be a bad idea, starting with a very simple/common analogy. Pregnancy is sometimes described as “having a bun in the oven” –and with respect to ordinary buns and ovens, the bun shouldn’t be touched until it is done –although making a claim for it, before it is done, is perfectly possible. (A variant of this is presented later.)

And now for that other Scientific Fact, which puts a significant damper on the notion that bodies and souls become intertwined at the moment of conception. There is a phenomenon known as “chimerism“, in which two separately-fertilized eggs (“fraternal twins”) don’t stay separated. Instead, about three or four days after conception, they merge, and then cooperate to form just one human body.

Keep in mind that when the originally separate organisms merge to form a chimera, neither of them dies. Logically, therefore, if it was true that souls join just-fertilized eggs, then human chimeras must each have two souls! Just imagine those separate Free Wills clashing to control that single human body! “Multiple Personality Disorder” would be a feeble thing compared to this problem!

The preceding is certainly not something that Religions can be comfortable with –especially when the available data does not point to human chimeras suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder at any higher rate than is true for ordinary human non-chimeras. Well, there is a very simple solution. All Religions have to do is throw out their Brain-Washed Idiocy, their violation of the Ninth Commandment –their claim that God is so ignorant of the facts presented here, and so needful for more souls to exist, that every human conception is automatically associated with soul-Creation/implantation, regardless of the consequences.

Not to mention that there are more consequences than those already presented above. For example, consider the Scientific Research known as “sensory deprivation experiments“. Humans can go insane after about a week of sensory deprivation. Meanwhile, a just-fertilized egg has no sense of sight or hearing or smell…locking a human soul into such a cell for nine months of pregnancy –and experiencing Time the way physical organisms do because of being locked into a physical body– cannot possibly be good for a soul’s mental health!

Do BWIs think souls are also idiots? That souls don’t know, after more than 150,000 years of anatomically modern humans conceiving offspring, that a huge percentage Naturally fails to survive even the earliest nine months? And that souls, able to wait three days or multi-millennia for human bodies to become available for occupancy, would have no trouble waiting for those bodies to not be merged into a chimera, and to not be miscarried or aborted or still-born, and to not be a sensory-deprivation environment, before taking up occupancy?

Finally, there is the issue of “control”. Exactly how does a nonphysical soul influence a purely physical human body to act in accordance with the soul’s Free Will? Well, the details may not actually matter much here, but Science knows full well that most of the controls for a human body are located in the brain –and those controls don’t even begin to exist until about the time a human developing in a womb begins to “kick”, several months after conception.

Again, what can a soul do inside a just-fertilized cell, besides go mad? (And so, with no soul, a developing-in-the-womb human body is just that, a body only, as abort-able and destructable as an unoccupied house, as undeserving of “rights” as other bodies that we have no reason to think are occupied by souls.)

Note that that kicking-in-the-womb is perfectly Natural, an Evolutionary Answer to a problem faced by NASA: How does an organism build bone structure in a reduced-gravity environment? That is, there is no need for a developing human in the womb to have a soul, even for kicking, because all of its activities are pre-programmed into DNA –things that simply worked over millions upon millions of years of Evolution, as influenced by the Law of Cause and Effect.

It was mentioned earlier that human bodies are vehicles in which souls can express themselves and interact with each other. Human engineers, when building ordinary vehicles for human bodies, know full well not to install a controlling driver before each vehicle is ready to be driven. Do BWIs want to again violate the Ninth Commandment, and claim that God is dumber than merely human engineers, Creating and installing souls before human bodies are done, and “come out of the oven”, their physical lives ready to be tasted/experienced –or, in the current analogy, before they are born and become physically independent vehicles that are ready to be controlled/”driven”?

Let us hope not. God deserves better press than that!