Economics Unbound

A question of the ages has an answer some won’t like;
we see the rich ride limosines; the poor can’t rent a bike.
And poor must be polite while public laws the rich may flout;
how did this inequality perchance to come about?

The first part of the answer is impatience and its cost;
loan int’rest adds no value but makes extra funds be lost!
To fight that is so simple; just save money in the bank;
let others be impatient while you gain financial rank!

Self-discipline is necessary part of reaching goal;
“pay cash or go without!” will be your mantra and its toll.
The next part of the answer is corruption of the law;
when money talks the legislators should all laugh, “ha-hah!”

Because it’s known that when they don’t result is tax-law churn,
which lets the rich retain a lot for promise in return
to help economy by hiring workers, buying goods —
instead they keep all but a trickle, liars much like hoods!

The next part of the answer comes from leasing public land,
which starts out full of resources but ends up worse than bland.
Remember state Montana and its boom half-century;
its wealth was stripped — what did the rich leave for posterity?

Deforestation with its humus blowing in the wind,
and mines polluting groundwater, but rich don’t think they sinned.
Instead they closed the companies that caused that awful mess,
and now they want the rest of us to pay to fix, no less!

The final answer part involves “buy low; sell high” as planned,
since bus’ness knows the Rules about Supply and/or Demand.

Let’s start by looking at beginnings of the middle class;
compare the numbers of people with quantities of bass.
When nation young the first was small, the latter very high;
like all resources fish were cheap, reflecting the supply.

Result is simple; a great many gathered up some wealth,
but now sheer numbers are affecting economic health,
since resources were not increased to match humanity,
no thanks to rich whose bus’ness is to seek monopoly.

Like di-a-monds have artificially excessive price,
deliberate resource restriction just plain isn’t nice!
— especially since also makes production jobs be few;
competing workers scrabble for a smaller paycheck, too!

So history makes very clear a fundamental fact;
resources must pace population irregarding tact.

(political ending)
It lets our quality of life to stay almost the same,
while faster growing resources give all a winning game.
But when our numbers claim the title “Most Important Thing”,
behind it lie the rich, enslaving world to debt, cha-ching!

(“if this goes on” ending)
If can’t be done because some thing is really running out,
then be prepared to move into a fortified redoubt.
Four horsemen of apocalypse will soon be striding wide,
enforcing Nat’ral Law upon inflated human pride!

–Kalamu Pangalan

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