Food Fatale

Genetics is a science that can link all Earthly life,
while also it reveals a fundamental cause of strife.

From whale to virus genes can drive us all to multiply,
yet living things outside themselves for food each must rely,
so plants that strive to reach the Sun cause strife for plants they shade;
to breed like all will feed has Life a wrong assumption made!

Two oysters fertilize/release a hundred million eggs,
each one programmed to hatch and grow, but now a question begs:
“With all the oyster pairs in all the seas around the world,
why aren’t the waters choked with shells, and women all be-pearled?”

The answer is as simple as the fact that eggs are food;
on av-er-age just two survive, just two per mega-brood.
But now a new more subtle question needs an answer too:
“Exactly why must things alive be food for all the zoo?”

So think of Life arising four-plus billion years ago;
it ate the Soup Pri-mor-di-al until growth had to slow.
The raw ma-ter-i-als of Life were simply all used up,
and ever since most living things on others they must sup!

The planet’s total biomass has simple constancy;
a population grows by making others history!
There is another factor that most humans just don’t know:
Food must out-mass the fed by ten-to-one in ra-ti-o.

It means the life-forms that we eat must also multiply;
if we can’t synchronize our numbers some of us will die!
The net effect is bad news for endangered life on Earth;
convert some biomass we must –eleven times each birth!

It matters not if eagle guns and whale harpoons are banned;
they’ll starve as humans breed because their food we will demand!
–unless we use the brains that conquered other animals,
and master our own genes until our population lulls.

–Kalamu Pangalan

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