Honest Abortion Opponents

This is a “public domain” document.

We, the undersigned, seek to be fully honest in our efforts to illegalize abortion. We understand that many of the arguments made in the past, against abortion, are fundamentally flawed, and so we repudiate them. For example, there is no way to prove that the concept of “intrinsic value” exists in Reality. We recognize that the world’s economic system functions quite well, in spite of being entirely based on subjective and relative valuations.

We even recognize that the Social Contract does not require humans to have any particular value at all; the only thing that matters is the agreement of Society’s members to abide by the Contract –and therefore Society’s members can benefit from such Rights as Life, Liberty, Property, and more, which the Social Contract might specify. So, without the concept of “intrinsic value” being provable or even needed, it is logically silly to claim that unborn humans have intrinsic value. We therefore abandon the claim.

We will stop calling an unborn human a “baby” or a “child” for two reasons, first because it is provably unethical to do so. After all, those two words are strongly associated with a successful and “live” birth, while the Fact is, about 1/6 to 1/7 of all confirmed pregnancies miscarry; they are not successful. Who are we to encourage false hopes, emotional investment in something so severely affected by Murphy’s Law, when the consequences of increased emotional investment are increased emotional suffering when a miscarriage happens?

The second reason to stop calling an unborn human a “baby” or “child” has to do with scientific discoveries that were made only a modest number of decades ago. The “common wisdom”, for thousands of years, was to associate a human embryo or fetus with a child. However, a human organism in the womb is significantly more than just an embryo or fetus. The overall organism includes the placenta, an organ that is as absolutely vital as the heart. Meanwhile, actual babies and children do not include placentas as vital organs. Biologically, unborn human organisms simply don’t qualify as equal to “babies” or “children”, and we who oppose abortion fully understand and accept that Fact.

Similarly, we will stop calling an unborn human a “human being”, because we understand that the word “human”, all by itself, is a perfectly adequate identifier. Not to mention the fact that we know we don’t ordinarily use phrases such as “carrot being” or “mouse being”, while we do sometimes use phrases such as “intelligent being” or “alien being”. That is, we know that the word “being” is a synonym for “person”, and that therefore the phrase “human being” means “human person” —and we know that not every human qualifies as a person. That’s why the Law allows brain-dead humans on full life-support to have the plugs pulled! –the persons are already dead, and only the living human animal bodies remain.

Furthermore, we know about the definition of “person” discovered by anthropologists studying primitive tribes: A member of the tribe was a person, and anyone else was a non-person. That sort of Parochial definition is known to lead to genocides, and so, as a result, today most of humanity is included in the definition of person. But this definition is still Parochial relative to the rest of the Universe!

We therefore understand it would be irrational to keep a Parochial definition of “person” that can yet lead to more genocides in the future (interstellar wars), and so we know we need a Universally-applicable definition of “person”. Such a definition must be able to successfully distinguish any type of person from any type of ordinary animal organism –and the Fact is, it is impossible for unborn humans to fit that definition; they are not “human beings” because they are only human animal organisms, and nothing more than that, much like the brain-dead on full life-support.

Next, we understand that the octopus is one of the smartest animals in the ocean, a conscious entity that has enough self-awareness to recognize itself in a mirror, and has anywhere from 20,000 to 100,000 offspring before it dies. The Universe is a big enough place that it is not a wild stretch of the imagination to think that Somewhere Out There is a species that is as intelligent as humans, who also have many thousands of offspring each time they breed. We recognize that it is physically impossible for so many offspring to be supported, that most of them must be allowed to die, just like most of the offspring of spiders (easily 1000 offspring each) must be allowed to die, lest every surface on Earth be literally crawling with spiders. It is fortunate that the Universal Objective Generic definition of “person” will exclude all the undeveloped (as in “animal”) offspring of every intelligent species –including humans, as already stated– just like it will exclude the electronic bodies of all mass-produced True Artificial Intelligences, before they are actually turned on.

Next, we understand that the sequence of steps in-between sexual intercourse and pregnancy are an uncertain thing. Intermediary biological entities are involved, and if they fail to act in a certain way, pregnancy will not occur –and so fertility clinics exist to discover what went wrong, and how to fix it. Logically, however, if those intermediary biological entities can be blamed when a desired pregnancy fails to happen, they can also be blamed when an undesired pregnancy happens. We therefore abandon the notion that all the blame for an undesired pregnancy can be assigned to the participants in sexual intercourse, and, as a result, they are free to seek options other than child-raising.

There are other classic anti-abortion arguments that fail to be valid, just like those already mentioned have been proved invalid. (For an extremely thorough list of invalidated anti-abortion arguments, see the “Fight For Sense” blog.) We accept this.

However! Despite the Fact that intrinsic value doesn’t exist, and the Fact that unborn humans cannot qualify as persons, there remains the Fact that we are entirely free, in accordance with Economics, to assign any valuation we wish, to unborn humans. We therefore arbitrarily choose a very high valuation, and we ask that all other humans join us in making that very-high valuation part of the Social Contract.

We ask that in order that we might achieve our desired goal of illegalizing abortion. We care nothing for any other consequences that might result.

For example, we don’t care that the human population explosion is causing the greatest Mass Extinction of other species since the Chicxulub impact in Yucatan sent shockwaves through the Earth and split the crust on the other side (like the “weird terrain” opposite the Caloris Basin on Mercury), and caused the Deccan Traps to emerge where the tectonic plate holding India was drifting back then. We arbitrarily declare that unborn humans are so valuable that even more humans should be born, to eventually steal even more wilderness from other life-forms, making them extinct, and we want you to agree with us!

We fully understand that as modern medical technology improves, it will be possible to save the lives of more and more highly valued unborn humans. We fully approve of surgeries already being done to save some of those lives, and we expect the advancements to continue. Therefore, we don’t care what it is that causes so many miscarriages of confirmed pregnancies; we want it fixed, and we don’t care how much it might cost to fix it. Furthermore, we know that roughly 50% of egg-fertilizations fail to result in confirmed pregnancies, and we want medical technology to be developed to figure out why that happens, and to fix that, too, no matter what it costs. We arbitrarily declare that the lives of unborn humans are so valuable that it doesn’t matter if nations go bankrupt trying to save them all, and we want you to agree with us.

We totally understand that business enterprises can increase their profits in two different ways that are related to the overall population. The first way involves restricting the supply of resources, or “cornering the market”. In accordance with the Law of Supply and Demand, the more people and the fewer resources, the higher the price can be, of anything that is for sale. The second way to profit involves employees –the more people competing to be a worker, the lower the wages can be, that those employees can be paid –also entirely in accordance with the Law of Supply and Demand. We completely understand that the net result, whenever population grows faster than the supply of resources, is that the rich get richer and everyone else gets poorer. This is why, in the USA in the 1950s, the wage of one man usually sufficed to raise a family, but today both parents often need two jobs each to afford a family. Nevertheless, we don’t care, and we ignore all the evidence showing that the Law of Supply and Demand applies to the valuations of humans as much as it applies to the valuations of everything else. We arbitrarily declare that the lives of unborn humans are so valuable that they should be born as fast as possible; it doesn’t matter how poor the vast majority of people will become while scrabbling for jobs and bidding-up the prices of goods —and we want you to agree with us.

Next, we altogether embrace the Fact that the 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution forbids involuntary servitude without due process of Law. When we modify the Social Contract to include a very-high valuation for unborn humans, we will be sure to include a Law such that whenever any woman hosts a fertilized ovum, she can be legally sentenced to carry her offspring to term. We arbitrarily declare that the lives of unborn humans are so valuable that it doesn’t matter in the least that women with full Personhood should involuntarily serve as life-support systems for mere animal organisms, and we want you to agree with us.

We completely recognize that in many times and places it is considered proper for someone who wants a particular thing to pay for it. In this case, however, we disagree. We arbitrarily declare that the lives of unborn humans are so valuable that their parents should be required to pay for what we want, and, naturally, we want you to agree with us, even if you happen to be those parents. Because getting them born is all-important; what happens to them afterward is irrelevant, since they no longer qualify as oh-so-valuable “unborn humans”, and that is why a large percentage of those supporting our position also oppose Welfare.

Next, we absolutely understand that Biology is very often utterly mindless in its workings. Human body parts are equivalent to machine-components, quite susceptible to wear-and-tear and other sources of damage. A female mosquito is basically just a whole biological machine, genetically programmed to seek blood for iron to make eggs. When sperm and egg meet to create a zygote, and that zygote starts dividing, taking the path of preparing to invade a womb to suck blood for nutrients, that too is Natural Mindless Biology in action. And a virus is just another (and simpler) biological machine, mindlessly following its programming to invade a cell to make copies of itself. Humans with minds and Free Will have arbitrarily declared that they are superior to Natural Mindless Biology, and thus have developed organ transplant techniques, ways of poisoning vast numbers of mosquitoes, anti-viral vaccines, and so on, in their refusal to be subservient to Natural Mindless Biology. Nevertheless, we arbitrarily declare that the lives of unborn humans are so valuable that Free Will doesn’t matter here; all humans must be subservient to the Natural Mindless Biology of the reproductive process, and we want you to agree with us.

We perfectly understand that modern stem-cell research threatens our position, and therefore we oppose it. That is, the ultimate goal of those researchers is to be able to take any ordinary body-cell that has a full set of human DNA, and “activate” that cell such that it becomes “totipotent” –which means it becomes almost exactly equivalent to a human zygote (a just-fertilized ovum). Totipotent stem cells can be used to repair damaged hearts, grow lost limbs, fix organs associated with disease (like a poorly-functiong pancreas is associated with diabetes) –and more. But we oppose the researchers because a totitpotent stem cell is almost exactly equivalent to a zygote, with the potential to produce a complete human body. The word “potential” does not automatically include the concept of “magnitude”, so note any cell possessing human DNA can only fulfill its potential by receiving significant help. That is, almost all of the roughly 30 trillion human cells in an average adult’s body are just like a zygote in having potential; they only need appropriate help. We arbitrarily declare that the lives of unborn humans are so valuable that they must receive all possible help to fulfill their potential, while we draw an equally-arbitrary line to prevent any help whatsoever being given to fulfill the potential of other cells, despite their future wondrous uses in medicine, because we arbitrarily declare that trillions of zygote-equivalents should only produce whole bodies instead of body-parts, and we want you to agree with us.

Next, we thoroughly understand that the more humans there are in the world, the more they need energy to do things, and the more energy must be generated to provide them with it. As a result, vast quantities of “fossil fuels” have gone up in smoke, increasing the total amount of carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere, and contributing to the melting of the world’s ice-caps, causing sea levels to rise and threaten coastal habitations everywhere. We also know that alternative energy sources are not yet developed enough to replace the base load provided by fossil fuels, and there isn’t enough available/suitable land to grow enough trees as “renewable energy” –forests are being cut down for wood fires faster than they can grow, but we don’t care. We arbitrarily declare that the lives of unborn humans are so valuable that it doesn’t matter in the least how much more Global Warming and Deforestation will ultimately be caused –and caused faster!– by saving them, and we want you to agree with us.

We wholly understand how Precedent can affect the Law, such as Property Law. Currently a pregnant woman’s personal property includes her unborn offspring, and she has the right to arbitrarily declare that it has such a low value that she can destroy it. But we seek a majority that can overrule her arbitrary value-declaration, and replace it with our own arbitrary value-declaration. Logically, this will mean that some other majority could come along and arbitrarily declare that some other personal property, such as pets, had such low value that they must be destroyed, perhaps because an exploding human population will need all the food it can access –but we don’t care. We arbitrarily declare that the lives of unborn humans are so valuable that it doesn’t matter in the least how many or what sort of other personal-property valuations get overruled in the future, and we want you to agree with us.

Finally, we entirely understand that the more rapidly the total human population grows, the more likely it is to suffer from a Malthusian Catastrophe. Currently the world’s population is increasing by roughly 80 million mouths-to-feed every year, and if we can prevent abortion, we can increase the birth rate by 30 million or even more mouths-to-feed each year. We don’t care in the least that the History of Easter Island proved that humanity is not immune to using up its resources and consequently suffering a Malthusian Catastrophe, with at least an 80% death rate (possibly as high as 99%), and we don’t care one whit that Island Earth is just a bigger island than Easter Island, and naturally takes longer to become dangerously overpopulated. We spit in the face of that danger! We arbitrarily declare that the lives of unborn humans are so valuable that we are willing to risk the probable death of most of humanity, including you, to prove that what happened on Easter Island was just a fluke, and we want you to agree with us.

Signed, by These Honest Abortion Opponents

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