Republicandidates are politicking right and right;
too bad their policies will cause an economic blight.
They only want to grow their personal financial might,
and think that all the rest of us deserve a horrid plight.

With wonderf’ly straight faces do they promote “trickle down” —
they’ll greedily take almost all; the trickle’s for each town. ((1))
A record surplus they turned red before bin Laden struck, ((2))
and mid-class dreams were drowned as popped home values sank to muck. ((3))

Their “golden rule” tells them to lever Money into Law, ((4a)) ((4b))
and ev’ry fool who helps them do it makes them laugh, “Ha-hah!”
“Oh, we have lots of money and it is a shame you don’t,
but vote for us and once again we will make sure you won’t.” ((5))

“We’ll raise your tax and lower ou-urs, just because we can,
and selling thousand-dollar hammers helps our long-range plan ((6))
to transfer wealth from you to us until you are bereft,
a Constitutional technique for legalizing theft!” ((7))

Republicandidates are masters of hypocrisy;
they rig the votes while claiming to support democracy. ((8a)) ((8b))
The proof is in their opposition to a paper trail; ((9))
a rigged “black box” can’t be refuted — go ahead and wail! ((10))

They also spout the lie that human life is valu’ble; ((11))
while claiming that abortion is so very terrible,
they fight the funds for Welfare, Health Care, and the Lowest Wage — ((12)) ((13)) ((14))
not matching Mouths with Money ranks below the fairness gauge! ((15))

And yet they have another goal, to raise pollution flow; ((16))
to poison human life just makes them richer, don’t you know! ((17) ((18)))
“We’ll use that loot to make more jobs,” they say with practiced ease;
it’s true, they do — except those jobs are born far overseas! ((19))

And next not least are goods and raw materials they prize,
“Deregulate!” is just a plot to things monopolize. ((20))
Despite how History reveals they caused enormous strife, ((21))
again they would show how they fail to value human life!

Republicandidates pass Hitler spouting lies so big ((22))
that if you swallowed all of them you’d bloat up like a pig.
Let’s start with claim the Earth’s too huge for mankind to affect; ((23))
a long list of extinctions link ecologies we’ve wrecked! ((24))

They also say resources are so vast they won’t run out, ((25))
yet oil’s at peak and copper is a growing point of doubt. ((26) ((27)))
The proof the Earth is limited is not so hard to spot;
just see the picture Sagan took — the world’s a pale blue dot! ((28))

How stupid are the claims that global warming’s not our fault?
When ozone levels fell did chlorocarbon making halt; ((29))
half-million times as much of cee-oh-two we’ve dumped to sky; ((30))
to say it can’t affect a thing is telling big-ass lie! ((31))

In future we will need all brains if we our Civ will save, ((32))
yet they want your kids to obey, not think on causes grave. ((33))
Their own sons learn at private schools a master’s new world brave ((34) ((35)))
–and minds of women? Make each to her body’s womb a slave! ((36))

–Kalamu Pangalan


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