According to the Bible Man was given world control;
according to the fossils we more simply took the role.
The diff’rence matters mostly in responsibility;
if we be stewards we should care for each type bug and tree.

Well, conquerors have always had a diff’rent attitude;
whatever wanted they just grab, no matter if it’s rude.
On other hand there are the Laws of Causes and Effects;
rapaciousness has consequences breeding like some sects.

Let’s start with taking land from forest, say to make a farm;
t’ward spice of life variety we’ve just inflicted harm!
How many species were displaced to grow the few we want?
If life unique becomes extinct, will it your conscience haunt?

But also woods more so than farms add water to the air,
which means the rains will be diminished somewhere, here or there.
And what about eroding soil where tree roots don’t exist?
So many farms are temporary, forests can’t persist!

More subtle are the molecules trees make from solar light,
absorbing storing energy; Earth’s warmth gains lesser height
(in other words so straight no teacher need say “Take a seat”,
all energy not stored away will always change to heat!)

And finally let’s not ignore the oxygen we breathe;
consuming vast amounts our fires in-dus-tri-ous-ly seethe.
From count of trees a fraction of that gas in air does vent;
in Era Carboniferous was thirty-five percent.

Today it’s down near twenty, shrinking oh-so-very slow;
if we create too many farms it will be to our woe!
So here’s a statement not as stupid as might seem at first:
“With fewer people trees are saved!” –you’ve been of facts well-versed.

Surviving trees will keep the rest of us alive, please see;
regardless role a gift or not, Earth’s stewards must we be!

–Kalamu Pangalan

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