Warmin’ Here

The Sun emits its energy in many diff’rent forms;
a major part is infrared that ra-di-ant-ly warms.

The second chunk is food for plants called ordinary light;
though Earth reflects a lot of it, absorption is not slight.
Some other rays are known to burn; they’re ul-tra-vi-o-let;
a few percent are still more fierce; for X-rays here’s a bet:

The atmosphere absorbs them and is warmed a bit in turn;
that fickle sunspots are main source was crucial thing to learn;
because when solar face is clear the Earth does always cool;
less energy arriving means less warming –that’s a rule!

The Sun is not the only thing that heats the Earth, of course;
its ra-di-o-ac-ti-vi-ty creates volcanic force.
There also is a tug of war between the Moon and Sun;
the seas are flexed by gravity and thus the tides do run.

And then there is humanity, unwilling to be blamed,
but adding fourteen terawatts –a source that’s just been named!
What idiot believes that seven billion don’t add heat
when all evolved with flames, since food is better cooked to eat.

And what of all the other things that people like to do;
which ev’ry one adds energy to global thermal stew?

Now fairness means we must mention this point in an aside:
When we get energy from rivers, sunshine, wind and tide,
we simply tap existing flows; we’re adding nothing new
–but fossil fu-el, nu-cle-ar, and space-based solar do!

Now note about one-half of us have been too poor to play;
as they obtain affluence, lots more heat will join the fray!

And so all petty squabbles over Carbon Oxide Two
will pale beside the long term fact that one day we will rue
that people are directly adding warmth to Planet Earth;
a limit does exist that we will pass with too much birth!

–Kalamu Pangalan

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